Hello, I'm Dustin Hassard. Before I was a trainer, I was a web designer and marketing expert for 16 years, September of 1998 to be precise (the olden days). The experience I have in web design and marketing have allowed me to grow my training business for a low investment.

I realized that few trainers have the advantage of knowing web design, let alone have the time and the budget to build a web site. Even a basic web site can be time consuming and expensive. If you aren't technical, you'll be somewhat in the dark too.

I’ve established O.H. Press as a powerful, affordable tool to allow trainers and other health & fitness professionals to build a fully-featured website and effectively market themselves. You'll be able to focus on your profession and deal less with learning web design and marketing or dealing with the unavoidable technical issues of software and hosting.

I'm using the very same products and services I'm offering you in my business, Modern Athletics, so I'm in the trenches with you. You deal with me rather than customer service at a larger company. Because I'm using the same service as you, if you're having issues, then I'm having issues. Like my training, I only want to provide the highest quality service and being your primary contact, I'll get direct feedback to ensure I'm providing the best service and improving your service at every chance possible.

How can I support you alone and run a training business? Well, I run a very efficient system, but I do require my own support team. So no, I don't do it alone. I have a group of "nerds" that know way more about the technical stuff than I do, but you don't need to deal with them ever. If there's anything I don't do great, I know someone who does.

If for any reason, you don't think I'm the best fit for you, no problem, I only want more fitness pros to succeed so I'll happily provide you a list of alternatives I approve of. I might even suggest one of them over myself if I think they're a better option.

Kind regards,

Dustin Hassard, Founder