Easily showcase your Instagram feed in a WordPress widget. Many Instagram plugins for WordPress require a somewhat complicated setup. Here’s a simple way to display a slider or thumbnails from Instagram.



  1. Download, Install, and Activate Instagram Slider Widget (You can do this from your Admin > Plugins > Add New)
  2. Once Active, go do Appearance > Widgets
  3. Drag the “Instagram Slider” to the desired area.
  4. Edit the Settings and input your Instagram name and any other options you want to set. Save.
  5. Important! Be sure that your Instagram account is NOT set to private, otherwise your Instagram feed won’t show .


You can place the Instagram feed anywhere you have a widget. First, decide how important you feel your Instagram is to your visitors. If it attracts a lot of attention then put in in the top half of your web site. If it’s not as important that people see your Instagram, I recommend putting your Instagram Slider below your social icons (the links to your social networks), either in your side bar or footer.

Instagram Ideas:

  1. Exercise Demos
  2. Workouts
  3. Client Experiences
  4. Promo Videos
  5. Product Showcase
  6. Food Photos
  7. Motivational Quotes
  8. Staff Photos & Photos of You (Show Personality)

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